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CBWFQ Problem on Interface GigEthernet in router 7606

Hi,I have a strange problem in configuration of shapping on interface gig in router 7606.first let me give my configuration and then explaine the problem.


class-map match-all AF21

match dscp af21

class-map match-any AF31

match dscp af31

match access-group name MANAGEMENT_TRAFFIC

class-map match-all test

match any


policy-map VSAT

class AF21

bandwidth percent 60

class AF31

set dscp af31

class class-default


random-detect dscp-based



policy-map VSAT-OUT

class test

shape average 620000 2480 2480

bandwidth 620

service-policy VSAT


main policy is VSAT-OUT witch it will shape the traffic to 620kbps in output direction of the interface has a child policy named VSAT witch main goal of this policy is to reserve 60 percent of the bandwidth for notice that this policy map(VSAT-OUT) can be configured easily on interface multilink but when i try to configure it on interface GigEthernet it failes and gives me this error:"Bandwidth command is not supported on this interface configuration failes on interface gig 1/4" notice that even i removed the bandwidth from VSAT-OUT policy and childe policy(VSAT) witch containes bandwidth allocations.even with this configuration configuration again failes in this time with error that says shapping is not supported on this the end of this story i figure it out that i cant configure any shapping or any policy that allocates bandwidth on interface ios version is s72033-jk9o3sv-mz.122-18.SXF11.what do you suggest to configure policy VSAT-OUT on interface Gig without changing the ios!!!! thanks

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Re: CBWFQ Problem on Interface GigEthernet in router 7606

Hello Sevan,

what type of linecard is module 1 ?

Best Regards


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