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CCIE Home Lab

Hi all,

I need your advise for a home lab for mainly CCIE Security and R&S and I need switching advises.

2x3550 as core layer

2x2950 as distribution layer

2x2950 as access layer

This is what I think of for a proper lab. Or should I consider having different models for distribution layer. Have you ever had bad experience with ebay for this issue?



Re: CCIE Home Lab

replace the 2950 with 3550 at the distribution layer as it not a Layer 3 device


Re: CCIE Home Lab

Thanks Narayan. Should I increase the model of core layer switches in this case?

Re: CCIE Home Lab

Or can I utilize 2950s for core layer since core is pure switching? Would that lab cover latest blueprint ?

Re: CCIE Home Lab

The latest blueprint asks for 2 x 3560's and hence replacing them with a 3550 would be beneficial. The 3560's are a bit expensive but u can get try to get hold of 8 port model which should be cheap.

Core layer is designed for fast processing of packets and hence spanning tree is not extended to this layer. you would require L3 links to your distribution which the 2950 would not be able to provide


Re: CCIE Home Lab

"Core layer is designed for fast processing of packets and hence spanning tree is not extended to this layer"

Does STP affect switching? As I know Core swithces become the root bridge for STP operations that affect switching and consume switch resources like intervlan routing, routing, qos, filterings, access-lists take place in distribution layer and core layer switches utilizes their resources for these tailored frames by dist layer, pure switching.

"you would require L3 links to your distribution "

L3 links? Can you describe this please?


Re: CCIE Home Lab

Yes you need L3 on the distribution in to the Core layer.

Core layer: This layer is considered the backbone of the network and includes the high-end switches This layer of the network does not route traffic at the LAN. In addition, no packet manipulation is done by devices in this layer. Rather, this layer is concerned with speed and ensures reliable delivery of packets.

Distribution layer: This layer includes LAN-based routers and layer 3 switches. This layer ensures that packets are properly routed between subnets and VLANs in your enterprise. This layer is also called the Workgroup layer.

layer 3 handles the routing of the data (sending it in the right direction to the right destination on outgoing transmissions and receiving incoming transmissions at the packet level). The L3 does routing and forwarding. Routers and Multilayer switches are part of this layer.

Re: CCIE Home Lab

Thanks anyway

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