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CCNP Preparation

Are the CCNP exams more difficult than the CCNA exam?


Re: CCNP Preparation

That really depends on your experience. Generally speaking I would say yes because the exam covers topics more in depth, which most people find more difficult.

HTH and please rate.

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Re: CCNP Preparation

A single CCNA exam covers more material than a single CCNP exam. However a single CCNP exam goes deeper into the material.

For instance, a CCNA exam expects you to know the basic routing protocols while a CCNP exam expects you to design/configure/troubleshoot those routing protocols.

The level of difficulty depends upon your level of expertise, therefore the answer is, 'it depends'.

Re: CCNP Preparation

Firm determination overcomes tough hurdles. If you want to achieve, u shud stop bothering about the difficulty of the goal. The way u posed ur question, it sounds like ur in 2 minds. If someone here says its tough, u'll probably drop the idea of CCNP.

Remember, its ur attitude that determines ur altitude. What is life without challenges? It will always get tougher from the level of beginner to intermediate, & toughest from intermediate to expert.

CCNP has four papers. So, the level of difficulty is 4 times that of CCNA bcoz of 4 hurdles. The idea is to understand the concepts & march forward. Shorcuts may not take u far in this field.

Wish u all the best.

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