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CE router configuration in a VPLS Cloud

Hello all,

We are migrating our current WAN service to an VPLS provider.

Not at all familiar with VPLS, but I need to get some example on how to configure my routers(CE).

One particular point to keep into consideration is that, HQ and BC(DR site) LANs are in the same subnet. At this moment that traffic is being bridge through DS3 connetions.

Thanks in advance


Re: CE router configuration in a VPLS Cloud


If you are migrating to VPLS ,  is its same not so different at CE end.

At your side you can terminate the link over l3 switch or l2 switch & configure VLAN and those vlan will travel across over VPLS link.

But need to have look at SP that how he is terminating link .

He can terminate the link on below mode.

1] dot1q-tunnel Mode

2] Trunk Mode

3] access

So please have a word with you SP for more detail.

Please refer the below thread for same :


Chetan Kumar

Community Member

Re: CE router configuration in a VPLS Cloud

Hi Chetan,

I had spoken with SP and they told me that I have to pass untagged traffic to the VPLS. That means, no VLAN, right?

I understand VPLS cloud as a big switch, being said that I was planning to use EIGRP for all routers (6 locations using cisco 2800 routers) and create a bridge network for the locations that have the same LAN subnet. Will that work?

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