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CEF and show ip cache

According to cisco documents, when you enable CEF, you should no longer see entries in show ip cache.. However I seem to still find entries in my ip cache table even after enabling CEF on all of my interfaces, followed by a clear ip cache. The weird thing is that I also have entries in show ip cef.

Is it possible that I am using CEF switching and FastSwitching?

Is this normal behavior?

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Re: CEF and show ip cache

So I've been doing some more reading and it seems like the entries in show ip cache could be due to packets that cannot be CEF swiched & are punted to the next switching level ( FastSwitching )

The router in question is a 2611 setup for NAT/PAT for my internal home network.

Would this be a possibility as to why I see some entries in my ip cache?

I'm thinking that because the incoming packets to the router will have the destination address of my routers outside interface, that this causes my router to punt the packets down to FastSwitching.

Is this why?

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