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cef interface

hello... we should enable all interface to use cef well. but as i know some situasion we unable to use all interface cef enabled(such encryption). how cef switching is decided in accordance to enable cef on that interface? for ex: if we have 2 interface serial then only 1 serial is cef enabled. how cef functioning? will cef only function for traffic outgoing via that cef-enabled interface and not for outgoing traffic via non cef enabled interface? how it will work? tx a lot :)

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Re: cef interface


Perhaps there is some aspect of your question that I do not yet understand well. It seems pretty obvious that if you have CEF enabled on one interface and not enabled on another interface that CEF can only operate on the interface on which it is enabled and the other interface will do fast switching/process switching or whichever type switching is appropriate.

Also I do not understand your statement about CEF and encryption. You seem to believe that CEF can not be enabled where encryption is being done. But CEF can be enabled where encryption is being done. I have many routers doing encryption and we enable CEF on them and it works well.

If there is some aspect that I do not understand then perhaps you can clarify.



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Re: cef interface

sorry Rick, for short how does cef lookup work when not all interface is cef-enabled? how we benefit from cef performance? in what traffic direction does cef help in this case? tx :)

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