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Change remote router AS#

Is it possible to create a second BGP process with a different AS#?

I have a remote router that I would like to change the AS# to be the same convention as the rest of our rremot sites.

The only way I could think to do it is with a second AS# with the same config as the existing BGP config, but the router squawks when I try.

When I try to configure a second AS#, I get and error saying BGP is already running and it shows the current AS#.

Is there a way to do something like this remotely?

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Re: Change remote router AS#

Connect to it in such a way you do not depend on BGP routing.

Configure no router bgp

Re-configure with new ASN.

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Re: Change remote router AS#

This router is on the other side of an MPLS connection, so the closest router to it is the PE router.

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Re: Change remote router AS#

Copy the running configuration to notepad. Make the required changes on this file. Save it as something like confmodif.cfg let's say. Put the file on a tftp server.

Go to your router and execute the following:

configure replace tftp:

this will replace the running configuration with the file from the tftp server.

Re: Change remote router AS#


another possibility I'm using:

create a update.txt file with the commands you need to apply

no router bgp old_as

router bgp new_as

neighbor ...


Copy this file to the router flash (be careful, some obsolete 1700s, e.g., are asking you to confirm clearing the flash in this step, don't confirm!).

Then issue

reload in 10

copy flash:update.txt running

Your running config will be updated.

If anything fails, the router will reload in 10 minutes with the old startup config.

If everything is OK, issue

reload cancel

and save the running config to the startup.



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Re: Change remote router AS#


Thanks, I will give that a try.

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