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Chassis Decision

I need help choosing which class of router to use for a special network design I have to do. I need a some thing with a mixture of both Long and short reach fiber SFP interfaces and I need to have a few high Density Cards.

I Can't seem to come to a decent decision on my own. I may need a few 10G ethernet connections as well. (2 at max).

I have listed the requirements below for my required services and I believe that the cisco 4500 E series would fit well but I need help picking the proper Line cards.


Layer 3 external Routing / switching.

Layer 2/3 internal routing / Switching

Port Based VLAN and VLAN routing

NAT Both Dynamic (outgoing) and Static (incoming)

OSPF Networking (Multi Area)

BGP Routing (to be redistributed into the OSPF network)

I will have a number of Ethernet (5 100meg Fiber lines currently Scalable to 1g)connections coming in From Different POPs for External (internet) Access. Each with there own /30 range and a small number of Routable /26 subnets for each link.

I will have at least 7 Private subnets behind this that will be NAT'd and routed internally across to our other offices.

This will be a hybrid Core/Edge Switch And I need Redundancy built in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Chassis Decision


NAT is not supported on the 4500 series switch. If you want a switch that supports NAT then you need to look at the 6500 series.

You could look at the 7600 series router as well which is the router version of the 6500 switch. They both have the option of dual supervisors, dual power supplies etc.


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Re: Chassis Decision

But will it do everything else I want it to do minus The NAT?

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Re: Chassis Decision

Yes it would although it does depend on the size of your BGP routing table.

You would need the enhanced image for what you want to run.

Also you need to have additional license to run BGP - from Cisco doc


Use of BGP4 on the Supervisor Engine V-10GE requires a Cisco Interdomain Routing license. One Interdomain Routing license is required per chassis. (See Table 10.)"

Full link:



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Re: Chassis Decision

deleted - repeat of first post

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Re: Chassis Decision

You might also want to review the new 4900M. See

Feature wise, should be similar to other 4500s. Doesn't have a second processor, though, but does have dual power.

You might also want to review the new ASR 1000 series. See I'm unfamilar with all its features, but where Cisco has placed it in its product line, may offer both the performance and features you need.

Lastly, you might also consider the 7304 with dual NSE-150s. Feature rich, but doesn't support 10 gig ports. (Additional LAN Ethernet ports could be provided by a "inexpensive" L2 switch or switches.) See for more information.

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