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Checking an over utilised serial sub interface

Hello If I have sub interface s0/2.23 how can I see on the actual interface how much traffic is running over.

I asked this question relating to graphing the interface and got excellent response.

However, checking the interface itself without graphing it, how will I determine how much traffic is running over this interface

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Re: Checking an over utilised serial sub interface

HI, [Pls Rate if Helps]

You have to verify the below Information in the Show Output of Serial Interface.

INCHER01>show int se 0/2.23

Serial1/0 is up, line protocol is up

reliability 255/255, txload 43/255, rxload 57/255

5 minute input rate 10038000 bits/sec, 2227 packets/sec

5 minute output rate 7534000 bits/sec, 2095 packets/sec

722906785 packets input,

Received 76836 broadcasts,

INCHER01>show int serial 0/2.23 stats

========>This Command will give the Statistics of entire Serial Interface Traffic


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Re: Checking an over utilised serial sub interface

To get a more accurate snap shot you can use the load-interval 30 command under the interface to drop the interval from 5 mins to 30 secs. This will help track the spikes in utilization a little better. The other nice thing about this command is it applies to show policy map interface outputs too.

In my opinion 30 secs isn't that create either so a lot of times I will use the SDM to look at utilization in 10 sec intervals if I think traffic is bursting up to the ceiling.

On a side note, I'm amazed at what the SDM can do, it 's almost good enough to but us engineers out of a job.

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Re: Checking an over utilised serial sub interface

Hi I think I am running an older IOS as I don't have the command :(

Mainrouter1#sh int s0/1.39 ?

description Show interface description

precedence Show interface precedence accounting info

rate-limit Show interface rate-limit info

| Output modifiers

Mainrouter1#sh int s0/1.39

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