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Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi


I am choosing Cisco to connect my wireless network to the Internet via ADSL.

My ISP uses PPP over Ethernet  with SNAP support.

And modulation is ADSL 2+ ( ANSI T 1.413. i 2).

My ADSL works over POTS and shares line with my regular phone.

I do not remember exactly which version if 802.11 is used by my computers in my network, but I believe it is 802.11g.

I need device which will be able to:

* Route and sNAT traffic from local network to the Internet.

* Work as DHCP (if it is possible)

* Work as DNS proxy, so my comps may connect to it for DNS lookups

* Show me ADSL line statistics (like Signal/Noise ratio)

* Support console (not only web) access.

* Allow PPTP (vpn) traffic to path

I found Cisco 877W, 867W, 857W, and 887W.

And each model has several revisions.

So, my question is: what is the difference?

What should I choose?

Thank you.


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Re: Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi

The 857w is now obsolete, as the 837 and 827 soho97 sb107 are.

The 877W hat adsl2plus-over pots which will fit. The wireless LAN is "G". different Versions for wlan in US, EU, Japan.

The wlan is created with an plugged-in mini-pci-card and is configured with the router.

The 887 hat also adsl2plus over pots.

the wireless option is an embedded "N" accesspoint which may be configured esperately from the router and may be used as an lightwight access-point for controll over a centralised WLan-Controller. (as far as i understand).

So the "887" make the connection to internet, the vpn to company-central, and the lightweight access-points traffic is transported

encrypted to the wlan-controller in the central, so a wlan-computer can securely connect with the same paraemters from each (home-)office or

remote location.

I think you need the CISCO887W-GN-A-K9 ..

is the ppptp passthru for incoming or outgoing sessions?

You can initiate or terminate those on Cisco -Routers (VPDN) .

Hope this help's,


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Re: Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi

Hello Juergen,

People in my network may need to connect to remote VPN server.

I am sure Cisco may connect to PPTP server itself, but I need people to do it their selves, so I need GRE traffic from my network to be routed and sNATed to remote server. Afaik not all routers deal with GRE. But I think Cisco does. Am I right?

>>different Versions for wlan in US, EU, Japan.

Yes, it says "CISCO887W-GN-A-K9" is for FCC comp (USA) and "CISCO887W-GN-E-K9" is for ETSI (EU).

I am from Russia and afaik we do not have a specification for that, so I'll check my wifi clients first. Anyway, I heard that FCC has 11 channels while ETSI has 13,  so even american and europian devices may connect.

Thank you.


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Re: Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi


as far as i know it is vice versa:

USA more channel than EU (mainly because of french airforces frequency)

and the USA-FCC version allows more output power :-)

They probaly will not sell you the "wrong" version in Europe,

but you want to configure it for a project in the US, or wont you?

And, yes, cisco NATs gre and ipsec very fine, so

most vpn-client software (cisco/checkpoint/fortygate/...) work behind it.


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Re: Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi

I found Cisco 877W, 867W, 857W, and 887W.

Don't bother with the 850 and 870 because these two models have been superseded by the 860 and the 880.

The main difference between the 860 and 880 are the number of VLAN (wired and wireless) support and VPN tunnels.

Two-VLAN support for the Cisco 860 Series and eight-VLAN support for the Cisco 880 Series with all feature sets.

860 support up to 10 VPN tunnels while the 880 support up to 20.

The "W" option means that each model have an AP801 (with MIMO), 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless access point that can either be configured as autonomous (stand alone) or controller based.  Each has three 2-in-1 antennae that transmits both a/g and b/g.

Q&A:  Cisco 880 and 860 Series Integrated Services Routers

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Re: Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi

Thank you.

Will check 867 I think

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Re: Choosing CISCO for ADSL + WiFi

How many wired/wireless VLANs do you have in mind?

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