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Circuit Emulation Group (CEM) intermittantly dropping


I've configured up a CEM card and have the circuit working. Roughly every 20 minutes it drops the circuit and restarts it. The ISDN underneath looks fine. Can anyone explain what the 'Egress pkts dropped by burst control' are. They're the only thing I can see that might be causing my issue.



cem info

cem 1/0/1 is down

Line state is down

Operational state is config-incomplete

Near end ip address:, udp port: 15900

Far end ip address:, udp port: 15900

IP payload size: 336

IP dscp : 0x2E

Idle pattern length: 8 , Idle Pattern: 0xFF

Payload compression is enabled

Data protection is disabled

Dejitter buffer size is 36 ms

Channel clock rate is 896000 bps

CEIP header CRC is disabled

Signaling is disabled

Physical interface is E1 channelized

Ingress packets: 246628, dropped: 0, overruns: 0, max_ipt: 7

Egress packets: 246417, dropped: 0, lost pkts: 0

Egress out of sequence pkts: 0

Egress overruns: 0, underruns: 57, ur_delay: 0, ur2pkt: 25

Egress pkts dropped by burst control: 827

Egress corrupt pkts rcvd: 0

30 second ingress rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

cem info

30 second egress rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

Tx interrupts: 245593

Reorder queue flush: 0, visited: 0, max wait window: 0

Pkt-to-pkt jitter max: 10 ms, average: 2 ms, min: 0 ms

Dejitter buffer level max: 28 ms, min: 3 ms

Event history: 0x00730050

Effective compression: 85%

Compressed pkts: 246628

Pkts dropped by PCI burst limit: 0

Global stats for slot 1


Clk derived from : Backplane

Egr free buf: 256

Egr host overruns: 0

Egr unknown dest count: 2189

Last unknown dest ip :, port: 15900

Last unknown dest src ip :, port: 15900

Egr process switched: 0

Egr oos: 0

Egr unknown src count: 0, last unknown src ip:, port: 0

Ingr overruns: 0

NM cpu: 48.42 48.42 48.42 48.42

cem info


Re: Circuit Emulation Group (CEM) intermittantly dropping

Note that the operational state is config-incomplete.In that Make sure an xconnect is defined.Command reference for xconnect is xconnect remote-ip-address virtual-connect-ID encapsulation encapsulation-type .Refer the following URL for more info

Community Member

Re: Circuit Emulation Group (CEM) intermittantly dropping


Thanks for the reply. I took the output while the xconnect was down, which is why it states that. The config was all ok, as it came up fine once a connection was brought up on the E1.

Once up though it was bouncing roughly every 15 to 20 minutes for around a second or so. I just wondered if there was some tuning of some sort I need to do..



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