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Circuit MPLS What does it mean???


I'm working for a company as a Junior NOC, basically very often I should provide the Circuit details - logon to a router with a show int sxx but I was wondering how this circuit is configured on the router, I can find any informaiton on the cisco books.

Let's say I order a circuit and the Telco provide me the circuit but this is my own equipement how do I do for configure this circuit

Could you please clarify ?

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Re: Circuit MPLS What does it mean???


generally speaking MPLS is transparent to the customer, you can not "detect" MPLS in your router. Only the SP is configuring MPLS. So you will have a plain IP interface in your router neighboring the SP router. Nearly any interface type is allowed (no token ring f.e.), so you have to ask the SP for the configuration details.

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Re: Circuit MPLS What does it mean???

But what about the circuit, the circuit jargon is usualy in Frame relay PVC,SVC and MPLS is not Frame relay or?

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Re: Circuit MPLS What does it mean???


considering the most likely case the SP implements frame-mode MPLS, there is not a real equivalent of a circuit. There is a Label Switched Path, but all "ingredients" are dynamically assigned.

In case the service you purchase is Ethernet (over MPLS) then it looks more circuit like - but only in the SP network. Again the MPLS part of the "circuit" would be absolutely transparent to you.

Which service are you purchasing? Ethernet over MPLS?? MPLS VPN? Knowing this could help in describing which underlying mechanisms are applied in the SP network and which info you would need to negotiate with the SP.

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