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Cisco 1721 Config & Interface Questions.. HELP !!!

I have a client who has a Full T1 Point to Point Circuit and has two Cisco 1721 routers. Currently I have a single T1 CSU WIC installed in each router. The client needs to utilize the Point to Point for both data and also for their phone system. I am clueless when it comes to phone systems but the Telco guy says that he needs 4 channels on the circuit to connect his equipment from one office to the other. He wants to be able to utilize the original voicemail system in one office for both. My question is what type of card do I need to install in the second slot of the 1721 router and if it is possible to designate 4 channels for the phone system and the rest for the data? As I said, I am not very good with the Cisco routers but I am eager to learn. I almost have the data side up and have been working with the T1 PPP provider as I am getting alarm lights on both ends. I don?t want to have the client buy a card that is wrong as they don?t appear to be cheap. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


Re: Cisco 1721 Config & Interface Questions.. HELP !!!


What kind equipment you are going to have out there ? is that ip compatible or TDM based box ? you need to gather more info on the equipment which you are going to use out there in your site so that the feasible solution can be worked out...

If its normal ip based/compatiable then you can plug in onto your existing network itself and reserve some amount may be 256K for the voice traffic and rest to the other traffic.

If its TDM based then the port/interface it supports and the compatibility with the cisco interfaces needs to be checked once the same is there we can suggest for the exact interface/module for the same...



Re: Cisco 1721 Config & Interface Questions.. HELP !!!

Three Option here

A. You can setup a multiplexer and terminate you T1 on to the multiplexer and configure 4 channel for voice which will connect to PBX and rest for DATA which will connect to Router.

B. you can have a VWIC/VIC card installed in your router and connect the PBX to this card on the router.

C. if the PBX is ethernet based or have an option of ethernet connectivity you can configure QOS on the router to dedicate a bandwidht for voice traffic.

Finally i suspect as the telco guy require four channel he is looking for option A or B.


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