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Cisco 1760 Upgrade


I'm not a Network Engineer by trade, so please humor me w/ the following :)

I'm currently working within an institution that has about 250 users connecting to the Internet through an ISA 2006 proxy that passes connections through an old Cisco 1760 and on to a local ISP. At the moment, we're seeing a large number of connections being denied during peak hours. ISA logs show max simultaneous connections hitting ~12000. I highly suspect the 1760 is the bottleneck. This leads me to three questions:

1. Is it reasonable to suspect the 1760?

2. How could I confirm in IOS that connections are being blocked?

3. What would a reasonable replacement device be (for the 250 users)?

The connection from the 1760 to the ISP is running at 8Mbits

Thanks very much,

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Re: Cisco 1760 Upgrade

1 not really, unless the 1760 also does nat and for some reason that fails sometime (unlikely, but possible)

2 show proc cpu, show interfaces, show nat translations

3 mainly a budget choice. 1841, 2801, 2811 are all candidates.

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