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Cisco 1800 with integrated switchports - public IP's

Hi all.

One of our customer sites has a Cisco 1800.

Its fastethernet0 port is IP unnumbered to the Dialer (81.86.79.XX) and is connected via a DSL interface to the web.

We want to put something into one of the switchports with a public IP (81.86.79.YY)in the same range as the IP Fastethernet0 has (this will be an ILO card that lives in the server - it just has a public IP)

I presume I need to put fastethernet0 and the relevant switchports in the same vlan? is this correct?


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Re: Cisco 1800 with integrated switchports - public IP's

I don't think you can do that.

You are using PPP that assigns you a single IP address, not a range. Meaning, there is no .YY assigned to you.

In fact the correct configuration for Fa0 is "shutdwon", as it is basically the WAN interface alternative to DSL.

If you want to place a server reachable from outside. simply use "ip nat inside source static", Cisco's command to do "port forwarding".

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Re: Cisco 1800 with integrated switchports - public IP's

i see what you mean.

ive got 8 IP's, we've given the dialer one of them.

What i'd like to do is plug our ILO card into the switch on the router, and give the ILO card the next public IP address. We've tested this but we cant ping from the FE0 (unnumbered to dialer0) to the public IP of the kit plugged into the switch - so thats why im wondering wether VLANS are needed here

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