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Cisco 1811 w/ failover

I have a Cisco 1811 with a Satalite internet link on the FE0 and a backup cell modem on the FE1. Both are DHCP. In my FE0 I have backup interface FE1. My NAT ACL1 is 10.x.x.x (internal network)permit any any, and the second NAT ACL2 is the same. My first NAT is IP NAT INSIDE SOURCE LIST 1 interface FE0 overload, and the second is IP NAT INSIDE SOURCE LIST 2 interface FE1 overload. When my FE0 goes down the failover to FE1 works fine, and the router can still access the internet, however when my 10.x.x.x users try to access the internet the router responds destination host unreachable, because once it hits the first NAT ACL and matches it sends traffic to FE0 even though it is down. If I remove the first NAT ACL then everything works through FE1. How can I correct and automate the failover NAT?

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