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Cisco 1811W Router - Configure DHCP Server & WLAN

Hello everyone,

I am having some pretty big difficulties with an old Cisco 1811 (nothing seems to be working correctly except fa0...and being able to ping outside).  We are hoping to provision it as an edge router that can provide WLAN for a few individuals.

Ultimately I need the device to complete the following:

Provide wireless internet access to devices connected

Provided wired internet access to devices connected to switch ports (fa2-9).

I would like the wired and wireless connections to be bridged together and a NAT created between FA2-9+Wireless and fa0.

The internet connection will be over fa0

I have setup a bridge for the wireless...but I'm not sure what I'm missing.

I thought I had setup the device to hand out DHCP IP addresses on the old standard 192.168.0.x class C network...but that is not working.

Wireshark shows the requests from the clients but no response (ack) from the router.

I hope one of you can help me with this one!


P.S. - I realize there aren't any block/deny policies on there yet...I will add them once I get this working.  Further, I used SDM at first in hopes that it would be easy (since, after all, it's a "GUI")...but I ended up having to resort to the command line for a lot of it to get any of it to work (it wasn't working at all at first).

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