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Cisco 1840 and VOIP QOS

I have been told that an 1840 router will not be able to read the QOS information but that it will pass it through as is. Someone else has told me that it will actually strip the QOS information out of the packet. Does anyone have any information on this? I have two switches that are capable of handling the QOS info at either end, I just want the router to do be able to pass it on.


Re: Cisco 1840 and VOIP QOS

QoS is performed within Cisco IOS Software, so all the routers (1840 too) have the same basic QoS principles.

Layer 3 markings (preferably DSCP) are media independent and traverse the WAN media, whereas Layer 2 CoS is lost

when the media switches from Ethernet to WAN media (this is why somebody told you about the lost of the information) . So if you're going to work with a QoS that needs to traverse the WAN use L3 marking.

There is a good QoS design guide at Cisco it can help you to understand QoS and how to apply it:

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Re: Cisco 1840 and VOIP QOS

Thank you for the response. This is exactly the information I was looking for!!

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