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Cisco 1841 Router- T1 Speeds

My question is simple, will a Cisco 1841 router support 2 T1s sustained? Cisco's tests were based on multiple services (QoS, ACLs, IPSec etc)running to determine it's rating of supporting 1 T1 sustained, but I need to know can it handle 2 T1s running just BGP, and no additional services...Anybody have experience? Thanks


Re: Cisco 1841 Router- T1 Speeds


do revert back whether you are going to receive all the routes from your SP or only default getting injected to you ?

If you are going to receive full internet routes through bgp then i dont think cisco 1841 will be a best choice though to handle the same.

About T1's with single default being injected to you with 2 T1's connected cisco 1841 will be able to handle out the same..


Re: Cisco 1841 Router- T1 Speeds

I agree with Edwin on this. Please dont use 1841 with full BGP routing tablke from your ISP. Look for some more high end router lihe 3800's or 7200's.

1841 supports 38Mbps throughput with 75Kpps.It can certainly handle 2 T1's on it but not recommneded for full BGP routing table.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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Re: Cisco 1841 Router- T1 Speeds

QUESTION for all in reference to the 1841 series.

Will this router support 2 T1's with one running video conferencing and the other strictly data running eigrp?

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