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Cisco 1841

Router 1841 doesn;t show temperature status when I run command sh env whereas 2800 is showing.The IOS is 12.4 on both

Kindly suggest??


sh env

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Re: Cisco 1841


the 18xx does not support temperature monitor, where did you saw differently ?

hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Cisco 1841

Do you have any link saying this

It works on 2800 but not in 1800

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Re: Cisco 1841

1800 and 2801 does not have a temperature sensor.

2811 and bigger models do have.

This is the way it is.

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Re: Cisco 1841

No dear its not correct it does have onboard temp sensor

Please check this link

Still not able to figure out why its not showing temp with sh env command

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Re: Cisco 1841


I think you have misread the document. It does not says that the 1800 has a temperature meter, it simply says that the FAN is temperature-controlled:

Cisco 1800 series fixed-configuration routers have an internal multispeed fan that provides chassis cooling, controlled by an onboard temperature sensor. The internal fan operates at a continuously variable speed to minimize fan noise while providing sufficient chassis cooling.

So you can go around as much as you want, no thermometer, sorry.

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