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Cisco 2620XM connected to ISP on FastEthernet 0/1 issue


I have a Cisco 2620XM as part of my network. it does all of the inter-VLAN routing for my vlans and also provies me with connection to the internet out to my ISP who is Virgin Media in the UK.

The cable modem plugs straight into the FA0/1 on the router and gives the interface a DHCP ip address.

it works really well. the problem I have is say my ISP is down and there is no signal going to the cable modem but there is still a connection from the modem to the Cisco 2620xm when the internet comes back up I have to reset the Ethernet port by doing a shutdown and the  a no shutdown.

If I do a show Ip Interface fa 0/1 it tells me the IP address that is assigned (sames as before) and all starts working again till next time.

I run Microsoft exchange at home, if the internet goes down whilst I am at work and comes back up it will not sort itself out I have to get home and manually shutdown and no shutdown the fa 0/1 ethernet port.

Is there something I can apply to the ethernet port that will keep itself alive or something like that?

I used to use a Cisco 831 and that had no trouble at all but that was before I was using vlans for servers and IP voice.

Many thanks,


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