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CISCO 2801 and multiple wan NAT' ing

What would be the best way to nat 3 different wan links to the Internet on a cisco 2801.

lets say that the internal range is 10.1.1.X - 10.1.10.X

and the 3 external IP's of the links are 168.209.x.x, 196.211.x.y and 196.33.y.y

How can you nat it so all the internal adress's use the external lines for Internet and the sam ACL?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated


Re: CISCO 2801 and multiple wan NAT' ing


do you have individual ethernet or SVI interfaces configured with these networks or you are trying with secondary ip address on the same interface?

AFAIK if you have individual interfaces configured with these subnets then you can configure them as nat inside interfaces using ip nat inside and make the public interface as nat outside using ip nat outside.

Having done this you need mention normal standard access-lists permitting all your internal networks.

Once you are done with that create a nat overload statement with the ACL attached to it.

You can refer this document for more info ..


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Re: CISCO 2801 and multiple wan NAT' ing

The internal lan is on int FE0/0

The 2 dsl lins are on virtual Interfaces on int FE0/1

and the 3 line to the internet is on a serial int.

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Re: CISCO 2801 and multiple wan NAT' ing

This is what I have come up with so far.

Please see the attachment

Is this correct and is this the best way of doing it?


Re: CISCO 2801 and multiple wan NAT' ing

Looks like you have a good start. The problem you have is only one of these will be used. I forget exactly which but it will result in all the traffic using the same NAT address.

The way to fix this is to also match the next-hop in your route map. Since the outbound path is decided before nat takes place you can use this information to select the correct nat pool to use.

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