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Cisco 2811 ADSL and T1 plus required hardware

Currently has 2 FE ports 1 is WAN, the other is LAN. The WAN port is currently connected to a T1 service and we would like to add ADSL service for some additional bandwidth,(load balance somewhat between the 2) while keeping the costs down. And I would like an additional interface to be used as DMZ on which to locate our webserver.

I 've been considering using a NM-16ESW (16-port 10/100 EtherSwitch Network Module) as it adds multiple ports that will give me flexibilty for the future.

(we already have a stand alone ADSL modem that provides a fast ethernet interface that could be plugged into the router's FE port WAN side)

My question is would this device work for my purposes, documentation says that the ports are layer 3 so that seems indicate that they can be firewalled\routed as necessary.

As for load balancing if I have 2 WAN routes by default will the device not utilize both links?


Re: Cisco 2811 ADSL and T1 plus required hardware


Ether Switch Modules are basically L2 switch ports on which you wont be able to assign ip address on the individual ethernet ports.

But you will be able to create SVI(Vlan interface with ip address) based on the module and ios code you have in the router.


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Re: Cisco 2811 ADSL and T1 plus required hardware

Ok, but what if I use the FE port that I currently have my LAN using for the ADSL modem and then use the switching ports to connect the LAN? Could I route packets from the FE port(s) to devices hooked up to the switch ports?

Thanks for the help so far.

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