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Cisco 2811 WIC-1T serial interface problem


I have a Cisco 2811 router with WIC-1T serial interface connected to a Comtech modem for satellite Internet and Voice connection. The serial interface has to be sh and no sh frequently for traffic to pass through. The serial and line protocols are up but I see too much error on the sh int. I have attachedthe outputof sh run int s0/0/0 and sh int s0/0/0 commands. As seen in the sh int output there is a high input,CRC, Framing and other errors. Also the total output drops increases. This has been going for sometime. What do you guys suggest?

Abebe Amare

Network Engineer - VivaCell


Re: Cisco 2811 WIC-1T serial interface problem

First thing that comes to mind is layer 1 (cabling) issues.

What is the far end of the sat link ? is there any way to test end to end.

Has this ever worked ?

Community Member

Re: Cisco 2811 WIC-1T serial interface problem

My observation to such kind of problems are mostly related to service provider

or loose contact.

  1. You can change the slot and try improvement if any
  2. Check connections physically and tight loose contact if any
  3. check varios facilities available in the modem like local loop / remote loop and check for errors

Mostly it appears physical problem rather than any logical or configuration issue.

With regards,


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