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cisco 2821 IOS version problem?

Dear all,

My company has a cisco 3620 as a pppoe server for dsl and other services connections that require radius authentication. The set up in this router is working fine with a IOS version 12.2(basically in the setup, we used vpdn groups).

Recently, for test purposes and to go further in the deployment of VoIP services, we've decided to test similar functionalities using a cisco 2821 as a PPPoe server (shipped version is 12.3) but the problem is that we can't find any command we used to use with our first cisco 3620 server(vpdn), and therefore our configuration doesnt seem to work(in this version of this hardware, the ios shows the concept of bba-group).

Do we have to downgrade to find our commands related to vpdn groups for the cisco 2821? or there is another way to solve this.

Many thanks

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Re: cisco 2821 IOS version problem?


There are 2 aspects that need to be considered when considering versions of software and what is needed to support particular functions (such as VPDN groups). The more apparent aspect is the version of code (12.2 or 12.3 or whatever). The other aspect is the feature set (which is generally identified by the letters that are part of the file name of the image file). I suspect that your new 2821 was shipped with the BASE (or perhaps IPBASE) feature set which seems to not support VPDN groups. I checked in the Feature Navigator on the Cisco site and find that VPDN groups seem to be supported in the Enterprise Services, Advanced Enterprise Services, and Advanced IP Services feature sets.

So to be able to configure VPDN groups you will probably need to change the image and get one that has this support. You would want to talk to whoever sold you the router and ask about changing the feature set. Note that usually changing the feature set will require a charge for the different feature set.



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Re: cisco 2821 IOS version problem?

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your answer.I've checked the IOS software and it seems that it has effectively been shipped with IPBASE. Will try to see with the seller for an adequate version supporting the VPDN groups.


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