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Cisco 2900 username case issue with IOS 15.3(3)M


I have a Cisco 2921 that was running IOS 15.3(2)T1.

I changed the IOS to 15.3(3)M (c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M.bin) to try to solve a suspected memory leak issue and, after the router was reloaded with the new IOS, was unable to log in to it

My AAA config from the router is shown below

aaa new-model



aaa authentication login default local-case

aaa authentication enable default enable

aaa authorization exec default local


username NetAdmin privilege 15 secret blahblahblah

I managed to do a password recovery and, when I did a show run found that the username line had been changed to

username NETADMIN privilege 15 secret blahblahblah

So the new IOS had changed the username to uppercase

The secret and the enable secret were unchanged.

Hope this post helps other people that run in to this "feature"

New Member

Cisco 2900 username case issue with IOS 15.3(3)M

Hi James,

      This is a known bug which is fixed in verison  153-3.M1

User-name is stored as Uppercase always in IOS regardless of config


Regards Jon

New Member

I have just bought 3 Cisco

I have just bought 3 Cisco 887VA IS Routers and all exhibit this bug.  They are all running v153-3.M and v153-3.M3 has been released for a while.

I have tried to get this fixed IOS from Cisco but they insist that without a support contract in place we're not entitled to the fixed IOS.

I can't believe that Cisco can ship 'new' products - with known bugs in the IOS and then expect you to pay to have the IOS updated to address the bug present when the goods were manufactured!

I am BOILED !  There is an actual Cisco internal reference for this known bug - CSCUH24317 - User-name is always changed to and stored as uppercase in IOS regardless of config.

Why should I be paying for support contracts to address an issue present in the product when it was manufactured ???