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Cisco 3750 working in stack mode & Alcatel Omnipcx enterprise

HI all,

Here is a question about the behaviour of an Alcatel Voice Switchboard (Alcatel Omnipcx enterprise with ACT technology and OXE over ABCF network).

The thing is that this Switchboard has two connections to two 3750 Cisco Swiches (working in stack), when a switch of the stack goes down the voice switchboard stops working fine, it turns crazy and i´sn´t able to respond even local rings... I think it is a very strange behaviour because if one switch of the stack goes down there is another one providing service to the voice switchboard and the most strange thing is when it stops working for local rings...

Has anybody idea about what could be happening? could be a problem in the switch stack? I think is a problem in the voice switchboard but I am not an expert with that devices....

Thanks in advance


Re: Cisco 3750 working in stack mode & Alcatel Omnipcx enterpris

Hello Enrique,

This is indeed not likely to be a switch issue. There are a few things to keep in mind though:

-First of all you should configure the same redundancy mode on both ends. My preference for this type of connections is to use a form of load balancing that is transparent to the switch. Configuring an etherchannel might seem a good idea but in practice this often results in bad performance, do not use it if you have an alternative.

-Activate spanning-tree portfast on the connections. Many telephone systems cannot handle the default (30s) forwarding delay very well.



New Member

Re: Cisco 3750 working in stack mode & Alcatel Omnipcx enterpris

OK, I agree with you.There is not etherchannel or something like that, the redundancy is done just in stack mode, and the portfast is working in the ports facing with the switchboard, I expect to be an issue in the switchboar...

Thanks a lot.


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