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Cisco 4006 CatOS Cisco4006 7.6(17) Question on setting spantree portinstancecost

Dear experts,

Understand this is a question on an old cisco IOS but need some input and advice from you experts.

I have an old cisco switch 4006 running on the old Cisco CatOS 4006 7.6(17)

Currently I need to reload the configuration.

Based on the previous old configuration.

the show run shows the following

"set spantree portinstancecost 2/3 cost -1 mst"

However, when I tried to enter this command in the configuration mode, it rejected

The error message came out "invalid range"

But when I set it to

"set spantree portinstancecost 2/3 cost 1 mst" - the switch accepted the command

- My question, if the CatOS does not allow me to input negative value, how did the show run came out with "-1"?

- Will it work the same way if I put  "1" or I need to do something to make it "-1" on the configuration.

Any advice, feedback is deeply appreciated.

many thanks!

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