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Cisco 4506-e & 3560-e switch high availability config

Hi All,

PLS. REFER TO THE ATTACHED NETWORK DIAGRAM. This will give you all better understanding of what I want to achive.

I need your expert advice on following configuration:

We have two 4506-e core switches and two 3560-e switches. Core switches are uplink using SUP two 10 gig interfaces as ether channel port. All the vlan's are configured with HSRP and load balancing on both the switches.

On the 3560, switches , again both the switches are connected using a ether channel.

I need following to be done:

1. Configure 3560 each 10 gig port to each of the core 4506 switches with high availability. I am bit confused and need advice how best I can get this done.


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Re: Cisco 4506-e & 3560-e switch high availability config


You are running HSRP on both pairs of switches so does that mean that both the 3560 pair and the 4500 pair are doing inter-vlan routing but for different vlans ?

If so the easiest and best thing to do is to configure a dynamic routing protocol such as EIGRP/OSPF between the 2 pairs of switches and have the connections between the switches be L3 point-to-point routed links. This would provide you with 2 routed links from each 3560 to the 4500s and if one failed there would still be another link to use.


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