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Cisco 7200 for Internet Router (BGP)

Can I use a Cisco 7200 (NPE) for Internet router, I'll will be connecting to only one Internet provider with BGP over POS interface.The Cisco 7200 have 256M of memory and 64M of Flash. The POS is PA-POS-OC3SMI.

Can this router meet my immediate need?

I need your advice.


Re: Cisco 7200 for Internet Router (BGP)

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CISCO 7200 with NPE-G1 is recommended if you are going to receive full Internet Routing Table from the Service Provider, since current Internet Routing Table size is around 2 Lakh 48 Thousand Prefixes.

509K bytes of NVRAM is recommended. BootFlash: size is recommended based on the IOS Software file size.

Note: If you are going to receive only the DEFAULT from the Service Provider, then your ROUTER is more than Enough.

I am attaching a sheet about the Router Performance Measurement for CISCO Routers.

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Re: Cisco 7200 for Internet Router (BGP)


The memory and flash looks fine, it will meet your needs, connecting you to a single ISP. One question though: which type of NPE do you have?

The 7200 with NPE-G1 or NPE-G2 is/was used by many enterprise customers and even in service provider networks to carry the full internet routing table.

Regards, Martin

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Re: Cisco 7200 for Internet Router (BGP)

It's not clear whether you have an NPE-300,400,G1... However, since you only have a single upstream transit provider, you don't need to carry a full bgp table. Ask your provider to send you a default route (0/0) and their internal routes only. This will reduce the amount of CPU + memory required.

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