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Cisco 7200VXR Help me please!

I work for a small business that is trying to cut back costs and switch our current ISP from a T1 to a Cable ISP. Our router is old and so is my boss. /sigh

He wants to use this old 7200VXR on our new Internet and I have no clue how to properly configure this thing, I have the new IP addresses provided by the Cable ISP and I could easily plug these numbers into a conventional router but my boss says he wants it setup in the 7200VXR because he has all his other equipment setup to go through this router.

If anyone can help me configure this thing I would forever be in their debt.

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Re: Cisco 7200VXR Help me please!

Hi Jake,

If you have not configured Cisco devices before I can recommend the following QuickStart guide for these devices:

Cisco routers typically use a command line interface which can be accessed via a specialised serial cable known as a rollover cable - you can purchase USB adapters if your pc / laptop does not have a legacy db9 serial port.

Once connected you'll need to use a serial terminal application like putty or terraterm in order to access this.

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