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Cisco 7606 and ES20 span port problem

Is there any way to SPAN(mirror) TX and RX on an Cisco 7606 router with an ES20 card (for downlink - with attached DSLAMs) .

When i try to SPAN the TX i get the following error:

- % EVC port Gi4/0/0 cannot be SPAN TX monitor source due to platform limitation

is there any way to mirror the RX+TX flow  (maybe with netflow? - i don't have access to the router at the moment)

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Re: Cisco 7606 and ES20 span port problem


be aware of SPAN limitations on ES20 :

Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) Restrictions

Follow these SPAN restrictions when you configure a ES20 line card on the Cisco 7600 series router:

SPAN is not supported on EVC ports.

Traffic is incorrectly relayed to a local SPAN port instead of the SPAN destination port when the following conditions occur:

When the SPAN source and SPAN destination ports belong to ports [0-9] or both ports belong to ports [10-19]

The SPAN source port has a QoS policy-map attached and SPAN traffic matches that policy-map except for class-default.

Using ports [0-9] as SPAN source and [10-19] as SPAN destination or vice versa to avoid the above mentioned limitations.

You cannot use Gi|Te x/0/1 as a SPAN source port when the diagnostic test TestMacNotification is enabled.


So what you see reflects a known limitation.

netflow may be a way to monitor traffic

>> Sampled Netflow


Hope to help


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Re: Cisco 7606 and ES20 span port problem

It looks like it's on L2 ports  (trunk Dot1Q mode) so the flow-sampler can't capture the L2 traffic, it' works only on L3 ports (neither with MPLS packets)

Any idea ?

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