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Cisco 7613-Medium Sized Configuration


We are using Siemens SGSN, Siemens GGSN XP140 with Cisco 7613(Medium Size Configuration) with CPG3300.

We have got two border gateways and two core routers connected to Cisco 7613 for internet traffic and WAP/MMS.

We are going to integrate another Cisco router CSG/DSCP solution betwwen our border gateways and Cisco 7613.

In case if there occurs some problem or the proposed solution doesn't work properly.What will be the easiest procedure to rollback/fall back Cisco7613 router(Medium Sized Configuration)?

In order to obtain rollback/fallback in Cisco 7613 using "Configuration replace and Configuration Rollback" procedure, at what level(which card level) i.e. SUP or Aggregator or MWAM etc. should we apply this particular rollback/fall back procedure to get successful complete rollback to previous VLAN connections,IP addresses,connections etc.??

Please suggest and advise...


Murtaza Bilgrami.


Re: Cisco 7613-Medium Sized Configuration

The concept of rollback comes from the transactional processing model common to database operations. In a typical database transaction, you may make a set of changes to a given database table. You then typically must choose whether to commit the changes (apply the changes permanently) or to roll back the changes (discard the changes and revert to the previous state of the table).Refer the following URL for more information

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Re: Cisco 7613-Medium Sized Configuration

How we can obtain ethereal trace on Cisco 7613 routers?What are the commands that are to be given at Cisco 7613 SUP etc.?Thanks

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