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Cisco 805 with encryption


I need to configure WAN encrption between the two Cisco 805 routers.

Appreciate if you can help me in configuring.I am new to routers.

The items choose are as below:

Description Qty

Cisco 805 Serial Router 2

Cisco 805 Series IOS IP/FW PLUS IPSEC 3DES 2

Cisco 805 8-MB to 12-MB DRAM factory upgrade 2

Cisco 800 8MB to 12MB Flash Factory Upgrade 2

V.35 Cable, DTE Male to Smart Serial, 10 Feet 2



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Re: Cisco 805 with encryption

Hi Prashanth,

Just a few questions as regards what you want to do... are you planning on running any IGP routing protocols, non-IP traffic (such as IPX) between the two sites?

Are your IP addresses at both sites "statics" and not dynamic IP addresses? (I presume they are static if you are using the 805 series with V.35 but would like you to confirm that).

Are users on site going to access the internet "locally", therefore through the internet connection at site or do they go through a proxy server?

Do you require firewall capabilities?

Depending on your situation, the configuration will have to change to suit it so there isn't a one config fits all with IPSEC (or a number of other technologies for that matter).

Pending further info from you, I will post the link for ALL of the configuration examples for IPSEC:

There are over a hundred config examples in there so it could be quite daunting. If you are unsure about which one to choose, then post again with the answers to the above questions and either myself or one of the other posters here will help.



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Re: Cisco 805 with encryption

Hi Hesham,

1. No IGP is used only RIP-2 with CHAP authentication

2. Only IP no IPX or appletalk.

3.static-IP used and point-point leased line. internet access.

5. onr router will be at hq and other router in branch office.



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Re: Cisco 805 with encryption

Hi Prashanth,

Sorry for the belated reply.

You may try setting up an IPSEC/GRE tunnel such as the one in the example below:

Remove the CBAC and NAT config unless it is required.

If you are experiencing any further issues, please post again with the config of BOTH sites, WITHOUT passwords, IP addresses and any other security information.



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