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Cisco 851 + IPv6

Hello there,

I am trying to set up a IPv6 tunnel on my 851 with 12.4(4)T IOS version, but apparently "ipv6 address" is not recognized by the router, although my reseller and a few websites here at mention this 851 _is_ compatible with IPv6. The weird thing is, i have not come around any advanced IP IOS version for this 851 router? The 837 does support IPv6, so I think this one will support it also, but i just don't know how to enable it...

Pages at cisco mentioning ipv6 support for the 851:

Thanks in advance!




Re: Cisco 851 + IPv6

Hi Dion ,

ipv6 is not supported on 851 or 857.

According to cisco doc's it should support ipv6 on 851.

But unfortunatly that feature is not supported on 851 or 857.



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Re: Cisco 851 + IPv6

Ok thanks.

Too bad it doesn't support ipv6, because one of the reasons i bought this router, was the ipv6 support

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Re: Cisco 851 + IPv6


So is it confirmed that IPv6 is not supported for all versions of IOS software? I bought the router for the same purpose as Dion too (with IOS version 12.4(4)T4) and there is no signs of IPv6 support.



Re: Cisco 851 + IPv6

Hi Jerry

By default its not supported in the normal ip base ios . You need to have Advanced ip services feature set to run the same.


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Re: Cisco 851 + IPv6

Hi all,

It's not about the question which IOS we need for IPv6, we know it's the advancedIP version which supports it. The issue is, cisco confirms in the product page of the 850 that it supports IPV6 features, which is incorrect. Also the IPv6 roadmap states, the 850 comes with full IPv6 features. I already msg'ed customer support about this, because it's just misleading.

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Re: Cisco 851 + IPv6

Based on the specifications found on the Cisco Web site, we just purchased two Cisco 851W routers. We intend to use them to support incorporation of IPv6 support in our products.

Last November you wrote that IPv6 isn't supported on the 851 and 857 products. Is this still the case? If so, we'll need to return them.


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