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Cisco 876 IP address not taking on interface


I have a Cisco 876 router, I need to connect ethernet WAN link, While configuring IP address am getting below error.

yourname(config)#int f0
yourname(config-if)#ip addres       1.

% IP addresses may not be configured on L2 links.

PFA of show tech-supp

Please help me


Re: Cisco 876 IP address not taking on interface


The device's FE ports are Layer 2 only and it's used for the LAN. Use the ADSL (POTS) for your WAN connection.

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Re: Cisco 876 IP address not taking on interface


Thanks for the reply

But I need to connect two WAN links, there is only one ADSL port available with the router.

Can I connect by creating two seperate VLANs(SVI) with WAN IPs and add these L2 ports to the VLANs.

Will it work.

Cisco 876 IP address not taking on interface

Hi Naresh,

Actually the Cisco 876 router has the following ports on the back panel:

Four 10/100BASE-T RJ-45 Fast Ethernet LAN ports with a built-in switch
One 10/100BASE-T RJ-45 WAN Fast Ethernet port
One ISDN S/T port
One ADSL-over-ISDN port
One RJ-45 console port

If the another wan link is ISDN type then you can use the ISDN S/T port it seems.
Connect the wan link to any interface then create a vlan and assign the wan link IP and do routing as possible.

I think so the above should work, because I have the same kind of setup. What I did is...
I have connected the WAN link to L2 port and create a vlan in router for the routing purpose.

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This is NOT correct - there

This is NOT correct - there is NO FE WAN INTERFACE on the Cisco876. 

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