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Cisco 877 dial in backup !!!

hello all, I am working on a solution where by, should an ADSL link fail i would like to be able to dial in to a cisco 877 by using the console port connected to a anologe modem. I have already created a virtual AUX port and been able to connect by dialing the modom but i am getting suck on authing the dialin session and gettin an ip form the router which has a DHCP pool already set up help please..

many thanks

Community Member

Re: Cisco 877 dial in backup !!!

So you want the 877 to dial back to a central site (or ISP) if the ADSL link goes down?

Where is the authentication failing? I assume this is a PPP connection - right?

Please post some of your config.

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Re: Cisco 877 dial in backup !!!

no what i want to do is, be able to connect in to the 877 via the console port through a dial in modem which will be attached to the console port using the virtual aux port which i have configurd in the 877. what i am looking for is the correct settind=gs to out on the 877 which will allow incoming telnet or ssh to allow me to make config chages using the anologe modem to connect to the 877

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Re: Cisco 877 dial in backup !!!

I have done this in the past by putting a USR Sportster 33.6 modem on the console. Put the modem in Auto Answer mode.

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