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Cisco 877-K9 initial configuration


this is my first real contact with cisco equipment ( i've been playing around with Cisco Packet Tracer ). I have a Cisco 877-K9 that want to use for WAN connection over ADSL2 (POTS) and internal connection so my network has access to the internet.

I have connected to serial console and made the initial configuration. Trying to give the FastEthernet0 an ip address returns me "IP addresses may not be configured on L2 links". Googling most of the results i come up is that i need to configure vlans.

Is that correct and if so how this can be done?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Cisco 877-K9 initial configuration


Its a switch port under which you can bind any vlans instead of assigning ip address.

create a svi (interface vlan) interface and then assign the ip to it, once you are done use switchport access vlan followed by the vlan no (SVI) you have created.

you also need to make sure that your L2 vlan is up before creating the SVI interface, which you can enable using vlan xx (vlan no) and then enter state active/no shut/active.


Re: Cisco 877-K9 initial configuration

I used the default vlan1. I gave it an ip using

interface vlan 1

ip address


interface FastEthernet0

switchport access vlan 1


vlan 1

state active exit

and it's done!!!!!

Thanks mate.

Re: Cisco 877-K9 initial configuration

Trying to connect over http and get access to SDM i have no luck. Should i install it?

I tried to install it on my pc but it says that my router is not supported.

I just installed Cisco CP express but it seems to that lucks several config (e.g. vpn).

Is there anything else i can install with more configuration?

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