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Cisco 877W

This may be a silly question, but we have a client who has a Cisco 877W and I  don't have one to test this on, but he claims that he cannot make routing  decisions in this router from a device connected throught the LAN port.  (the  WAN port being an ADSL connection no longer in use)

Our set up would be a T1 terminated to a CSU/DSU (seperate device) ethernet  to LAN port 1 on the 877W and we want the 877W to make all routing decisions  based upon traffic.  Does anybody have a similar set up? Or intimate enough  knowledge of this router to know?


Re: Cisco 877W


You can definitely control the routing on the 877W

It is a router and therefore can handle static or dynamic routes or even manipulation of routes with route-maps and other tools.

If you disable the routing functionality (no ip routing), then the router won't route. But that's not a common practice.


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Re: Cisco 877W

Thanks Federico -

Can I do all those things even using LAN 1 port and not the WAN port?

Re: Cisco 877W

Yes. You can use the LAN or WAN ports.

If you let us know exactly what you want to do, we might be able to help you out further.


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Re: Cisco 877W


This happens often with customers thta do not have ADSL, but do not want to replace an 877 router they have.

They do not know how to configure it and do not have access to image upgrades.

My recommendation is always the same: engage a reputable consultant or certfied cisco partner, and he wil resolve all the problems.

At least, that is what I do everyday.

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