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Cisco 881 Configuration


I am new to Cisco rotuers and trying to change the ISP username and password as well as the IP settings on our cisco 881 router.

Can someone please provide the commands to do this.

Much Appreciated.


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Cisco 881 Configuration

Hello Sam,

I understand that you need to change the username and passowrd for the ISP connection. :however there are certain ways we can change it , i would like to know what configuration are you using. In case if there is a dialer interface configured, we need to make change in that.

Can you please go to the CLI and follow the commands:-

1. Show run.

2. Show ip interface brief

3. SHow run interface dialer 1

Please paste the following outputs and i will let you know what is being configured and how to make change.

THnak you

Ashish Arora

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Cisco 881 Configuration

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Cisco 881 Configuration

Hi Ashish,

Thank you for the reply.

I have been advised that this is a new router (out of the box) and hasnt been configured yet.

What steps do I need to do to enable SDM access on the router and configure the ISP username and password as well as IP settings using the GUI.

if this is not possible, what stops do I need to take to configure the roter using the CLI.

Many thanks.


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Cisco 881 Configuration


there are lot of things needs to be checked befor providing any working cinfiguration.

Please check the following steps and provide me the output:

1. Go to router CLI mode( either telnet or console).

    In case if you are not sure how to log in to the router please look at the link:-

2. Type a command:-

    show run

    copy the output to a notepad and attach it to the thread.

3. Explain me the topology:-

  Topology means how things are connected and on which interface(LAN,WAN) etc.

I will create a running configuration and you can use the exact same thing in your network.


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Re: Cisco 881 Configuration

Hi Ashish

Thanks for the reply.
I am getting the router delivered on Monday so I need to set it up then.
All I want is to set up the router for Adsl to replace our existing connection.
No DHCP is required just the username and password from the ISP and configure a static IP address, DNS and subnet mask.
Is this possible via the SDM rather than the CLI as I am not comfortable to do it via the CLI.



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