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cisco 891, v92 modem config help


I have this cisco 891 router that comes with a v92 modem.

I'm trying to configure the router so when my dsl line is up it dials the isp dialup connection.

so everything works up to the router calling the modem.

I just can't make the modem part work. my main route goes down, it calls the second which pionts to dialer 1.

but it never connects to my isp.

here is my configuration.

do you see anything missing?

it's basically supposed to call that number and get an ip from the isp nothing too crazy but it's not working.

interface Dialer1

description 1FL Backup

bandwidth 56

ip address negotiated

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly in

encapsulation ppp

no ip route-cache

dialer pool 2

dialer idle-timeout 60

dialer string 9,(isp dialup phone number)

dialer-group 1

ppp authentication pap callin

ppp pap sent-username password somepassword

no cdp enable

line 1

exec-timeout 0 0

no flush-at-activation

modem InOut

modem autoconfigure discovery

transport input all

transport output all

speed 115200

flowcontrol hardware

interface Async1

no ip address

ip virtual-reassembly in

encapsulation ppp

no ip route-cache cef

dialer in-band

dialer pool-member 2

async mode dedicated

no keepalive

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit

here is the show line,

IMTLTEST-R1#sh line

   Tty Typ     Tx/Rx    A Modem  Roty AccO AccI   Uses   Noise  Overruns   Int

*     0 CTY              -    -      -    -    -      0       0     0/0       -

*     1 TTY              - inout     -    -    -      1       0 28246/0       -

      5 AUX   9600/9600  -    -      -    -    -      0       0     0/0       -

      8 VTY              -    -      -    -   25      0       0     0/0       -


or can someone share an actualy working configuration?



cisco 891, v92 modem config help

This may be a trivial question but do you know if the phone line is working?  Do you know if anything ever answers on the distant end?  Is the username and password typed in correctly?

Here is a good link on the configuration and troubleshooting for dialers

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