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Cisco ASR1004 - ASR1000-ESP20


We have an ASR1004 with ASR1000-ESP20 which keeps on rebooting:


*Jan 13 01:09:02.020: %ASR1000_OIR-6-ONLINECARD: Card (fp) online in slot F0

*Jan 13 01:09:16.649: %CPPHA-7-START: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 preparing image /tmp/sw/fp/0/0/fp/mount/usr/cpp/bin/qfp-ucode-esp10

*Jan 13 01:09:17.001: %CPPHA-7-START: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 startup init image /tmp/sw/fp/0/0/fp/mount/usr/cpp/bin/qfp-ucode-esp10

*Jan 13 01:09:20.764: %CPPOSLIB-3-ERROR_NOTIFY: F0: /tmp/sw/fp/0/0/fp/mount/usr/cpp/bin/cpp_driver[6117]:  cpp_driver-0 encountered an error -Traceback= 1#939a1e943669c32003ea84676fda1830   errmsg:F4DB000+2160 cpp_common_os:FB1E000+BB20 cpp_common_os:FB1E000+B930 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+69030 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+DC740 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+D51E8 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+D8978 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+B926C cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+B9624 :10000000+6E50 :10000000+9188 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+643EC binos:F77C000+9BCC cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000

*Jan 13 01:09:20.767: %CPPDRV-3-FATAL_MEM_CLEAR: F0: /tmp/sw/fp/0/0/fp/mount/usr/cpp/bin/cpp_driver[6117]:  CPP0: (0x6e) Failed to clear memory 'cpp/driver' detected the 'warning' condition 'CPP driver error in devobj layer': Connection timed out -Traceback= 1#939a1e943669c32003ea84676fda1830   errmsg:F4DB000+2160 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+61D60 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+B937C cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+B9624 :10000000+6E50 :10000000+9188 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+643EC binos:F77C000+9BCC cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+64298 :10000000+88D4 :100

*Jan 13 01:09:20.768: %CPPHA-3-FAULT: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP:0 desc:DPE2_CPE_CPE_DPE_INT_SET_0_LEAF_INT_INT_PHY_ERROR det:DRVR(interrupt) class:OTHER sev:FATAL id:950 cppstate:STOPPED res:UNKNOWN flags:0x3 cdmflags:0x5

*Jan 13 01:09:20.768: %CPPHA-3-FAULTCRASH: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 unresolved fault detected, initiating crash dump.

*Jan 13 01:09:20.778: %CPPHA-3-FAULT: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP:0 desc:DPE2_CPE_CPE_DPE_DUI_LEAF_INT_INT_DUI_CHN0_DRAM_MBE det:DRVR(interrupt) class:MBE sev:FATAL id:979 cppstate:STOPPED res:SUCCESS flags:0x3 cdmflags:0x5

*Jan 13 01:09:20.778: %CPPHA-3-FAULTCRASH: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 unresolved fault detected, initiating crash dump.

*Jan 13 01:09:20.791: %CPPDRV-3-FATAL_INIT_ID: F0: /tmp/sw/fp/0/0/fp/mount/usr/cpp/bin/cpp_driver[6117]:  CPP0: (0x1) Failed to initialize init device drivers(s) - Operation not permitted -Traceback= 1#939a1e943669c32003ea84676fda1830   errmsg:F4DB000+2160 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+62008 :10000000+6E74 :10000000+9188 cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+643EC binos:F77C000+9BCC cpp_drv_cmn:FC73000+64298 :10000000+88D4 :10000000+85CC cpp_client_ha:FC11000+2F08 cpp_common_os:FB1E000+10A54 cpp_common_os:FB1E000+1108C evlib:F835000+D8A

*Jan 13 01:09:20.799: %CPPHA-3-INITFAIL: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 initialization failed - startup init (0x1)

*Jan 13 01:09:20.799: %CPPHA-3-INITFAIL: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 initialization failed - start CPP (0x1)

*Jan 13 01:09:20.803: %CPPOSLIB-3-ERROR_NOTIFY: F0: cpp_ha:  cpp_ha encountered an error -Traceback= 1#4d2666c969d0680445c0a2b0d833ea64   errmsg:F853000+2160 cpp_common_os:FF5D000+BB20 cpp_common_os:FF5D000+B930 cpp_common_os:FF5D000+19010 cpp_drv_cmn:FB6F000+73040 cpp_dmap:FEFC000+17D68 cpp_dmap:FEFC000+1B688 :10000000+1AC80 :10000000+1789C :10000000+DAC0 cpp_tm:FFDC000+23E8 cpp_tm:FFDC000+284C :10000000+DE24 cpp_tm:FFDC000+23E8 :10000000+C080 cpp_tm:FFDC000+23E8 :10000000+DF8C cpp_tm:FFDC000+23E8 cpp_tm:FFD

*Jan 13 01:09:20.805: %CPPHA-3-FAULT: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP:0 desc:Platform Collection Error: Message STARTUP_INIT to client cpp_driver0 failed with error [Operation not permitted] det:HA class:CLIENT_SW sev:FATAL id:2 cppstate:RUNNING res:UNKNOWN flags:0x0 cdmflags:0x0

*Jan 13 01:09:20.824: %IOSXE-3-PLATFORM: F0: cpp_cdm: CPP crashed, core file /tmp/corelink/ESP_0_cpp-mcplo-ucode_011312010920.core.gz

*Jan 13 01:09:34.325: %IOSXE-6-PLATFORM: F0: cpp_cdm: Shutting down CPP MDM while client(s) still connected

*Jan 13 01:09:34.334: %CPPHA-3-CDMDONE: F0: cpp_ha:  CPP 0 microcode crashdump creation completed.

*Jan 13 01:09:34.335: %IOSXE-6-PLATFORM: F0: cpp_ha: Shutting down CPP MDM while client(s) still connected

*Jan 13 01:09:34.336: %IOSXE-6-PLATFORM: F0: cpp_ha: Shutting down CPP CDM while client(s) still connected

*Jan 13 01:09:34.420: %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: F0:  The process cpp_ha_top_level_server has been helddown (rc 69)

*Jan 13 01:09:34.424: %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: F0:  The process cpp_cdm_svr has been helddown (rc 69)

*Jan 13 01:09:39.464: %ASR1000_OIR-6-OFFLINECARD: Card (fp) offline in slot F0

F0        ASR1000-ESP20       init, active          00:17:48

Slot: F0, ASR1000-ESP20      

  Running state               : unknown

  Internal state              : offline

  Internal operational state  : unknown

  Physical insert detect time : 00:01:28 (00:18:02 ago)

  Software declared up time   : 00:18:45 (00:00:45 ago)

  Hardware ready signal time  : 00:00:00 (never ago)

  Packet ready signal time    : 00:00:00 (never ago)

  CPLD version                : 08041102

  Firmware version            : 15.0(1r)S

Anyone seen this before ?

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Cisco ASR1004 - ASR1000-ESP20

ASR is rebooting because it's crashing.  Not sure if the cause is an IOS bug or a hardware fault.

Can you find the crashdump or crashinfo file?  If you can, please post them?

If you can't, upgrade to a different IOS and try again.

Community Member

Cisco ASR1004 - ASR1000-ESP20

Hi Leolaohoo,

Thanks for your response.

Its been determined that it is a hardware fault



Cisco Employee

F0 is the ESP module. As

F0 is the ESP module. As stated, it keeps restarting due to multibit parity error.

Please reseat the ESP. If log errors stop, then this is just a transient event. 

If errors continue to reoccur, a hardware replacement is required.

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