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Cisco C819G-4G

Hello everybody,

I recently bought a Cisco C819G-4G, does anyone setup the 4G on this router? I've two different SIM card inside, the ISP are Vodafone and TIM. I'm from Italy.

Best regards.

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Cisco C819G-4G

There is no 4G service in Italy yet.

You will do a normal configuration as per documentation. You will need to engage a reputable network engineer unless your want to spend a lot of time and frustration learning by yourself.

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Cisco C819G-4G


I think you're wrong, because Rome is covered by 4G/LTE service actually.

The problem is not the configuration itself, but the provider's parameter to be included in the configuration, which are not included in the Cisco Documentation obviusly.

Best regards.

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Cisco C819G-4G

You did not specified where in Italy you are located. You will find 4G service to be spotty and inconsistent in Rome.

Anyway, there are no specific parameters to be configured. You need to have it working the normal way before worrying about 4G.

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Cisco C819G-4G


thanks for your response.

To avoid any LTE/4G problem i'll force the UMTS mode. I've tried to configure the GSM profile with the correct APN and the Cellular0/0 Interface with default parameter and IP Address negotiated. The Interface goes UP but without IP Address.

Later I'll post the configuration if it's helpful. Any advice?

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Cisco C819G-4G

Finally I've found a working configuration. My carrier is Vodafone, but I suppose it'll works with any carrier changing the APN.

1) Configure the Cellular Profile:

cellular 0 lte profile 1

2) Configure the Cellular 0 Interface:

interface Cellular0

      ip address negotiated

      ip nat outside

      ip virtual-reassembly in

      encapsulation slip

      dialer in-band

      dialer string UMTS

      dialer-group 1

3) Configure the Chat Script

chat-script UMTS "" "AT!CALL" TIMEOUT 60 "OK"

4) Configure the default Route pointing to the Cellular Interface

ip route Cellular0

5) Configure the dialer script

dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 1

6) Configure the line (use the command show line to discover which line is used by the Cellular Interface, in my case is Line 3)

line 3

      script dialer UMTS

      modem InOut

7) Configure NAT to permit Lan client to access Internet

interface Vlan1

     ip nat inside

     ip virtual-reassembly in


route-map internet permit 10

     match ip address 101


access-list 101 permit ip any

ip nat inside source route-map internet interface Cellular0 overload

After this configuration everything works perfectly.

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