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New Member

Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

Just a quick question. Has ANYONE ever successfully configured 12.4(x)T1 to send ddns updates to Zoneedit? I've come to the conclusion that they are incompatible. Please prove me wrong...

Please don't tell me how to send updates to Dyndns, etc. Please don't tell me to use SDM.

I can't find anyone who has been able to get it to work, and I'd really like to hear otherwise.


Re: Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

Steps to configure DDNS:

1. Configuring a Host List (optional)

The host-list is a list of DDNS servers that are required to receive DDNS updates.

This is configured when there are more than one DDNS providers.

ip host-list test



2. Configuring DDNS Update Support on Interfaces (required)

This is for the router to know which interface needs to perform the update and what

hostname to

send to the DDNS server.

config t

interface ether1 <<< description Connected to the ISP with Dynamic IP address

ip address dhcp

ip ddns update hostname <<<< The address to update

ip ddns update mytest <<< ddns pool created


Verify you have the following commands

config t

ip domain lookup

ip name-server x.x.x.x

ip name-server y.y.y.y


3. Configuring the Update Method and Interval


config t

ip ddns update method mytest

http <<<<<<< http update method is used here


ip= <<<<<<


interval maximum 1 0 0 0 (dd/hh/mm/sec)


NOTE: control v before the ? (else it will think you mean help)

If you don't have a dynamic server you can use a public one. To register on the public

DDNS server:

New Member

Re: Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

I thought that my question could not have been clearer. Has anyone been able to successfully configure the IOS to do ddns updates to ZONEEDIT?


Please do not tell me how to configure ddns.

Please do not tell me to use dyndns.

Please do not tell me to use SDM.

Have YOU been able to update ZONEEDIT with the IOS?

New Member

Re: Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

I too have been having huge issues with getting the IOS ddns update working with zoneedit. I have found a few articles discussing this but no-one has got it working yet that I was able to find. The technical reason I have been able to deduce at this point based on both my research and that of other people is that it has something to do with the way the zoneedit http server responds to requests and how the cisco ddns client interprets the response. Unfortunately I did not have time to fully diagnose the issue.

I have raised a case with zoneedit regarding this and their response was that cisco hardware is not compatible with zoneedit.

As a result of this and a few other issues I was having I have switched dns providers.

In my opinion if the service provider is not going to support a vendor you have only one choice - one of them has to go....

New Member

Re: Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

I fought with this for longer than I should have - and finally gave up, too. Here's a link to another forum posting that I made that described what I found while trying to solve the problem:^1%40%40.2cbf0c55/6#selected_message

I find it really odd that Cisco lists Zoneedit as a choice when configuring ddns from SDM, when I never have been able to find anyone who has been able to get them to work together. I also find it odd that Cisco hasn't made the tiny little change in how the http update packet is assembled that would (I think) make it work. Curious...

My solution was to stay with Zoneedit, but use a service on a server inside the lan to monitor the outside ip and send the updates out. Inelegant, but... you do what you have to.

New Member

Re: Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

I have already read your other thread and I have to admit that I am a little surprised it does not work either.

What I can tell you is cisco writes that just because they show examples of how to do updates with these providers they make no guarantee that they will work in the future. Zoneedit was sold to another provider and I am guessing their willingness to support cisco hardware may have changed.

As I mentioned previously I switched providers to dnsmadeeasy. I have to admit their service is good and quite affordable but its not free. After testing update with wget I was then able to incorporate thia into cisco config and it worked great first time with no hassles. You can also do a few other things like multiple updates with one request.

New Member

Re: Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

I was able to make it work with IOS 15.

As far as i tested it doesnt work with IOS 12.4. Same exact config with IOS 15 and it works.

Butt IOS 15 its very buggy, there is another way, using "ip sla" command, i was able to make it work with "", witch too offers free dns/ddns services with custom top level domains.

You can check it out here:

Note: Its in Portuguese, butt everyone should figure out the important stuff.

Cisco dynamic DNS to Zoneedit success?

Hello, finally I found an article with information directly to fix the problem,14709459