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Cisco Feature Navigator unreliable

Hi all,

I had always considered the Cisco Feature Navigator (CFN) tool an useful an reliable source of information about supported features (among other things) of specific Cisco equipment, until yesterday, when the results obtained on my tests at a lab contradicted the ones found at the CFN. 

Specifically I found that to be able to deploy a working Policy Based Routing (PBR) configuration it was necessary to activate the Advanced Metro IP Services license (to activate the SDM prefer video needed for PBR) while the CFN said that having the Metro IP services was enough.

Do you agree with my conclusions about the unreliability of the CFN? How can we report this situation to Cisco in order them to correct it? If I can't trust the CFN and I have to test absolutelly everything it can be a frustrating and very slow way to work with Cisco equipment. Thanks,

Best regards,

José Manuel Garrido.

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