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Cisco IOS Upgrade with Sec License

First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I didn't see a hardware or IOS section, if there is one (or if there is a section which is more appropriate) I'm sorry I didn't know.

I have a Cisco 1921 ISR Router with Security License running software version 15.0. I want to upgrade the router to 15.1. But I don't want to lose the security license that came with the router. When I look at the IOS downloads page on Cisco, all I see is universal images for all versions of 15.1.

My question is - where is the security license stored? In the IOS or programmed in somewhere else of the router? If I upgrade my router to one of the newer 15.1 universal images, will I lose my security license? Thanks in advance.

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Cisco IOS Upgrade with Sec License

I found another discussion that answered my question -

So for those who might be wondering the same thing, you don't lose your security or data licenses when updating the IOS on the router. I just did it to my 1921 and can confirm this.

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Cisco IOS Upgrade with Sec License


Thanks for posting back and answering your own question. This may be helpful to other readers who may have similar uncertainty. And having an answer from someone who can say that they have actually done the upgrade themselves makes the answer more valuable.

And there is not a section of the forum for hardware or for IOS specifically. So this forum was a quite appropriate place to post your question.



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