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cisco load balancing


i have two different  ISP in my cisco router 2811.

local lan:

ISP1: x.x.x.x


i want half of the IP should be working with ISP1 and other half of the IP should be working with ISP2.

If any one of the ISP link is down means all IP should be communicate with the another ISP.

Again the link came means it should be work as usual.

can anyone help me how to configure in the configure.


cisco load balancing


you could split your /24 to two /25s, e.g.

And advertise one /25 to each provider. And the original /24 to both.

This way the incoming traffic would prefer one IPS for each /25 and in case of one ISP connection failure the whole /24 incoming traffic would use the other provider.

For the outgoing traffic:

This is more complicated.

The easiest way would be two HSRP or VRRP groups configured on the provider routers, one provider having higher priority in each group and tracking its WAN connection (decreasing the priority when the WAN connection fails).

You would configure a PBR on your router with a next-hop pointing to the virtulal IP address of the first/second group for traffic coming from the first/second /25.

I'm not sure though if the ISPs would agree to cooperate and share HSRP/VRRP groups together.



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cisco load balancing

can u tell me how to configure and which protocol to be used.

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cisco load balancing

What is wrong with regualar IOS naNAt load blalancing?

You don;t need to split the IPs in two. However if you really want it's also feasible.

For advanced configurations you should engage a certified professional, or study enough to know as much.

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cisco load balancing

If u know how to configure means kindly help me.

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