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Cisco PVDM 73-3741-01 information

I have a Cisco 1750 (no suffix) with what I understand to be an optionally installed PVDM module (other 1750's have suffixes such as "V2" which indicate what kind of PVDM(s) came factory installed). The PVDM part number is 73-3741-01. While there is much information about various PVDM's on the Cisco site, I only found one brief reference to this part number, at, and that reference told me virtually nothing. I found another page on the Cisco site that discusses the 17xx routers in general, and shows how to install a PVDM in a 1751 plus lists their capabilities, then shows how to install a PVDM in a 1750 but does not say which PVDM might be installed or what might it be able to do. I have Googled the above part number and only got 3 hits, one being the above mentioned nearly useless (for my purposes at least) Cisco page. Can anyone tell me if there is an alternate part number for this item, or where I might get additional information about this specific PVDM? BTW I lack a power supply at present for the 1750 so can't query it about anything. I also Googled the other number sequences on the PVDM (one obviously being a serial number) and got nowhere. Thanks!


Re: Cisco PVDM 73-3741-01 information

The PVDM houses the Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) that make the card fully functional; each voice port on a VIC requires DSP resources in order to process packet voice traffic. Refer URL

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