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Cisco Router Configuration


I was using a simple linksys router for my internet and dhcp and i have recently purchased a cisco 881 router and would like to transfer the settings there, my settings on the linksys were as follows


Internet IP: 
Subnet Mask:
Static DNS1:
Static DNS2:

Local IP:            


I would like to configure my Cisco 881 router to be the internet router. i have about 50 computers and am new at this, please give me the codes i need to input in my   cisco CLI command line from the initial ones to the last.

All assistance will be greatly appreciated     


VIP Purple

first i would read up on some

first i would read up on some basic setting passwords , host names etc or you will run into issues even with this config

You will need to put your linksys into bridge mode to allow the public ip be used on the 881 usually the f4 interface is set for wan access

This is what your linksys is in Cisco + a default route for all internet traffic to go out your public


conf t
int vlan 1
ip address
no shut

int fa4
ip address
no shut

ip dhcp pool 881
 network /24
 lease 1

ip dhcp excluded-address

ip route


Good luck

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