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Cisco router hardware troubleshooting

Hello experts,

I m used to Juniper boxes.

Recently started on cisco.

Can somebody provide some documentation/link for cisco routers hardware troubleshooting.

like how can we check the available hardware we use show chassis hardware in Juniper, we have FIB,RE kind on components which can be verified using various commands.

Similarly how can we verify the functionality of Processor cards/PA / or any other hardware in cisco

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Cisco router hardware troubleshooting

Hi Saurabh,

What specific Cisco routers are you using?


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Re: Cisco router hardware troubleshooting


Welcome to the experience of working with Cisco equipment. There is a good system of on line help implemented in Cisco IOS So you can do "show ?" to see a list of things that you can get information about. I would suggest that you might want to start with these commands:

show version - which will show you information about the device including what code it is running, how much memory and flash it has, and a high level view of the hardware resources.

show inventory which gives more information about the hardware resources of the device.

show diag which also gives information about the hardware resources.

show ip interface brief which provides a listing of all interfaces, their IP address (if one is assigned) and the state of the interface.

show interface to see more detailed information about individual interfaces.



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Re: Cisco router hardware troubleshooting

Hey Rick

Thanks for the such nice reply man.

I m quite familiar with IOS help but specifically wanted to know from you experts that generally.

Also basic commands which you have shared that also i m use to like sho interface,sho ip interface br n all tht.

What set of commands can be fired in order to verify the logs (hardware/software). in case of critical issues.say my router has stopped forwarding.

like we use show log messages and show log chassisd in junipers.

can somebody help with the same.

Also one of my frnd had asked abt the platform i m i have couple of 7609 and 7206.

So any help will be appriciable.



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Re: Cisco router hardware troubleshooting

Hi Saurabh,

The reason I asked what specific devises you are using is because with Cisco it varies from one router to another and from one IOS to another.  With JUNOS, you use the same command across all the platforms wheatear it is M-series, T-Series or J-series routers.  Overall the equivalant of JUNOS "show chassis hardware detail" on the 7600 is "sh mod" If you want more details on a specific component, you can also use "sh inven".  The equivalent of "sh log" in JONOS is "sh log" or "sh log system".

As you may already know, there is no such command as "insert or "rename" in Cisco IOS. neither there is really a rollback command unless you are running 12.4 and even that is not very gracefull.

also here is a link to the 7600 command referance guide



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Re: Cisco router hardware troubleshooting

to view logs you can do a

logging buffered 16384

(Please note that restarting the router will lose all events stored in the buffered log)

then do

sh logging

also if you are connected via a telnet or ssh session and want to see all the debug alerts as if you were connected via  console do

term mon

there is a whole bunch of commands out there to view processes or mem

sh proceses memory

sh processes cpu

the list just goes on and on. Tell you what you can just do a

sh tech-support

and it will show you almost everything you will need to know on your cisco device to do hardware troubleshooting as you had originally asked for in your post

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